Frequently asked questions

About these resources

Q. What are these resources?

A. These resources are part of the National e-Learning Offer. They include supported materials which are community generated lists of content appropriate for the Scottish curriculum for teachers to use in their delivery or for pupils to find and use themselves.

Q. What areas of the curriculum are supported?

A. The offer is a work in progress. You will eventually find links to resources that support the development of learning opportunities across the curriculum, from early learning and childcare to BGE and the senior phase. Coverage will also grow as more content is developed.

Q. Who has developed these resources?

A. These resources have been created by educators, for educators. Some have been commissioned by local authorities and RICs, whilst others have been contributed by teachers who have developed them for their own classroom use. Some course content has also been mapped to BBC and SCHOLAR materials.

Q. What format have the resources been created in?

A. The resources are in a range of formats including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube video, websites, and PDFs.

Q. Will I be able to access all of the resources?

A. Some of the resources will require a username and password, for example you will need your Glow username and password to access many of the materials. Also, it will depend on where you access the materials from - if you are in school then some authorities do not allow access to services such as YouTube therefore those links will not work.

Q. Can I contribute to resources?

A. Yes. Use the Suggestions form on the blog to submit links to your own resources. These will then be curated and added to the relevant spreadsheet.

Q. What do I do if I spot an error or a link is broken?

A. Use the Suggestions form on the blog to make us aware of any errors or broken links and we will resolve these issues where possible. Please contact your local IT in the first instance if it is a local access issue.

Q. How can I access SCHOLAR resources?

A. Learners and teachers can use the SCHOLAR tile in Glow to access their account, or log in directly via the SCHOLAR website. Learners can access SCHOLAR using their Glow credentials without the need for a separate SCHOLAR username and password. If an email address has been supplied to SCHOLAR by their school or local authority, teachers can obtain their login details using the forgotten password feature. For help accessing SCHOLAR, please email reg@scholar.hw.ac.uk 

About the National e-Learning Offer

Q. What is the National e-Learning Offer?

A. The National e-Learning Offer supports teachers in their delivery of remote and blended learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It consists of a programme of live learning sessions delivered by e-Sgoil, as well as access to a range of resources that can be used and adapted to meet teaching and learning needs.

Q. Who is responsible for the National e-Learning Offer?

A. The National e-Learning Offer is being developed through a partnership between Education Scotland, Scottish Government, e-Sgoil, the Association of Directors of Education (ADES) and Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICs).