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Frequently asked questions

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Additional help

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Guidance for developing online content

Web links should be appropriate to the age and stage of study and:

  • they should represent an established approach to teaching and learning in your curriculum area;
  • they should not contain or promote commercial material or paid for services;
  • if a website is being recommended for inclusion the website owner should be made aware of this;
  • links should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant.

Content developed by educators could / should:

  • use and adapt existing high quality teaching materials wherever possible;
  • be written in plain English and kept jargon free;
  • only use acronyms after first writing out the name in full;
  • use sub headings to break up any large sections of text;
  • keep sentences and paragraphs short;
  • have a meaningful title;
  • use bullet points for lists of information;
  • use images to add interest, bearing in mind copyright and permissions;
  • ensure images reflect the diversity of our user base and that alt text has been applied to them;
  • if you are using images of adults or children you must have permission from them;
  • if you are using any part of a resource created by someone else you must have their permission to include it and they must be attributed.

Don’t over complicate your text or use too many images or animations.

Be aware of the ways that you can improve the accessibility of your content including:

  • use a sans serif font such as Arial 12;
  • do not mix fonts and styles such us italic or bold;
  • left justify all text;
  • text should not appear against a background that makes it difficult to read;
  • ensure your content is accessible to screen readers and can be used on a variety of devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).